Mission of the Club Growth Director:


Develop a sound overall marketing plan in conjunction with district team members, focusing on making Toastmasters available to more people while also emphasizing a dedication to member service.


Implement short and long-term district marketing plans for new club development, club rescue efforts, club membership promotion and membership retention in existing community and corporate clubs.


  1. Marketing Technical Advisor
  2. New Clubs Chair
  3. Club Coaching
  4. Youth Leadership
  5. Sponsor/Mentor Chair
  6. Speechcraft

Job Description:

  1. Serve as third-ranking member of the executive committee, presiding over that body and the district council in the absence of the District Director and Program Quality Director.
  2. Direct and coordinate the marketing strategies and activities necessary to achieve district growth objectives.
  3. Direct membership development and retention programs, encouraging achievement of reasonable growth targets.
  4. Monitor division, area and club administration ensuring the prompt submission of complete club dues renewal reports to World Headquarters and club officer lists to World Headquarters and District Director.
  5. Monitor the Area Club Assistance Program and the submission of Area Report of Club Visit forms to the District Director. In tandem with division directors, the Club Growth Director encourages area directors to visit clubs frequently in order to strengthen member satisfaction and membership-building efforts.
  6. Implement programs to assist weak clubs and bring them to a level of 20 or more members.


  1. Develop a strong district marketing program to build new clubs in corporations and the community.
  2. Recruit, train and maintain a strong club building team.
  3. Recruit and train club mentors and club coaches.
  4. Manage district recognition programs that ensure club and membership builders are recognized by the district and the community.
  5. Work in conjunction with the District Public Relations Manager to maximize district marketing efforts through internal and external promotions.
  6. Prepare his or her successor to assume office, completing the steps necessary for an orderly transfer of the office by June 30.