Club Spotlight

Founder’s District has started a Club Spotlight series which involves getting know to clubs that are celebrating their club anniversaries this month.

In Feb. ’24, we are spotlighting Water Meeters Toastmasters – Chartered Feb. 1, 1987!

In the 1980’s the quality of IRWD’s presentations did not always reflect the expertise of our employees. Recognizing the need for improvement, the idea to sponsor a Toastmasters Club emerged, giving birth to the Water Meeters club. Since then, our Board presentations have improved and many IRWD employees and community members have benefited.

The best cure to overcome your fear of public speaking is to confront it repeatedly. Each time you do, it becomes easier! The Water Meeters Toastmaster Club gives our members the opportunity to speak in a safe environment. If you make a mistake while speaking at our club– well – it honestly doesn’t matter. Your boss isn’t counting on you to get a message across. You don’t have to be embarrassed because we understand that slip-ups happen. Instead, you’re gaining confidence so that you can be impressive when it does matter. And as a bonus, our meetings are SO MUCH FUN!

The Toastmasters program is here to help you reach your speaking goals with guidance every step of the way. Our members are dedicated to supporting you by celebrating your successes and offering constructive feedback for improvement.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly your confidence grows and how often you use your newfound skills in your personal and professional life. Join celebrities like Harrison Ford and Julia Roberts and IRWD employees such Director Christopher Smithson and Manager Amy McNulty who found success by overcoming a fear of public speaking by joining Toastmasters!

Meetings are on Wednesday 12 to 1 pm. Guests are welcome.

Irvine Ranch Water District
15600 Sand Canyon Ave Irvine, CA 92618
Sign in at kiosk in main lobby
Phone: 949-453-5334

Find us on Meetup:

In Feb. ’24, we are spotlighting North Tustin Sensational Speakers Toastmasters – Chartered Feb. 1, 1978!

North Tustin Sensational Speakers (a.k.a. NTSS), was founded in 1978 by Stew McKinley, who was a professional speaker and magician. The club’s original name was “Sensational Salesmen” and they met in Tustin at the Pomona First Federal Savings on 17th Street. The club meeting then moved to the Church of the Foothills in Tustin where it met weekly until Covid, when it became a virtual club. On going virtual, we became both a nationwide club and an international club. The club proudly maintains a 15-year streak of earning the President’s Distinguished Club Award.

One unique ritual NTSS maintains is named the “Bone Speech” which involves selecting a member to perform an impromptu speech discussing the origins of a not-quite-sure-what-animal-it-came-from bone.

NTSS fosters a fun, supportive environment, cultivating authentic growth in speaking and leadership. Come see!

Visit the club website: North Tustin Sensational Speakers (

In Feb. ’24, we are spotlighting Second Stage Toastmasters – Chartered Feb. 1, 1983!

Second Stage is an advanced Toastmasters club that focuses on strong evaluations. In addition to the formal 2-3 minute evaluation after the speech, members receive round robin feedback from other club members.

The club also has longer meetings (2 hours), giving its members more opportunities to present longer, keynote style speeches.

Lastly, Second Stage has sent representatives to the District contest for the past five years.

Second Stage meets every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Saturday of the month at 8:30-10:30 AM and we love guests!

You don’t have to be an advanced speaker to join us, just enthusiasm for getting better at public speaking. Stop by and see some great speeches and have some fun!

Visit the club website: