Founder’s District Meetup

All Founder’s District clubs are invited to join the Founder’s District Meetup account and take advantage of this popular events platform. 

What is Meetup?
Meetup is an app and online social networking portal that helps people find others who share our same interests. Toastmasters clubs around the world have been successfully using Meetup to help prospective members find and join their club.  

What is the Cost for this service?
The Founder’s District Meetup account is paid for by the District. Take advantage of this opportunity by advertising your club without any cost to you or your club!

Where can you find Founder’s District Meetup? 

Why Join Meetup?
Join Meetup by setting up a profile using your club name so you can create events to promote your meetings on the Founder’s District Meetup Group. Use Meetup to attract more interest in your club and help grow your membership.

How do you Join Meetup?
Take advantage of the Founder’s District Meetup Club Incentive! Follow these steps:
1. Go to to sign up for a Meetup profile using your club name.
2. Join the Founder’s District Meetup Group: