Member Spotlight

Founder’s District has started a Member Spotlight series which involves getting to know members from different clubs, especially strong contributors who make a difference in their club/s.

?Meet Founder’s District member, Bob Gorby!

March 2024

More than half a century ago, in August 1973, Bob Gorby joined Pacific Coast Toastmasters/D1 in San Pedro, CA.

Later a Past President of Point Mugu Toastmasters Club 1075/D33, Bob’s career took him around the country, where he joined clubs in Districts F, 2, 5, 13, 31, 47, 50 and 52. Toastmasters served as his “zone of stability” during the frequent relocations.

In 1980, Bob’s career took his family to Redondo Beach, CA. There, he ascended the District leadership roles, helping District 1 earn top (President’s Distinguished District) honors as ELG (# 1 worldwide) and again as Governor (# 5, 1986-87) (*). There he managed software teams animating missile defense scenarios.

After a twilight assignment in Dallas/D50, in 2014 the family returned to their Santa Ana home, retirement and Smedley Chapter 1 (of which Bob is a Past President, current Treasurer and longest continuous member).

Bob enjoys meeting newfound friends through Toastmasters and thrilling as “ungainly caterpillars turn into radiant butterflies” at the lectern.

(*) Historical Context: During Bob’s 4 years of District office, July 1984 – June 1988, District 1 finished 17th , 1st , 5th and 18th, and grew from 64 to 107 clubs. During this span, among the then-70 Districts, only D25 (Dallas, TX) grew faster.

P.S. Bob served as Founder’s District Parliamentarian under Kent Jones (who knew little about Parliamentary Procedure) and again under Bob Hudack (who knew more than Bob Gorby about it).

?Meet Founder’s District member, Dinah Sapunarich!

March 2024

Dinah, a Training and Career Development Facilitator for over thirty years has been a Toastmaster since 2015. 

Currently, she is Club President for 2K Communicators and member of Pastime Pursuits. Dinah joined Toastmasters to grow her facilitation skills. She did not plan to engage in leadership opportunities. However, after five years in the club and mostly in an effort to help grow the club, she agreed to be the V.P. of Education. 

Since then, Dinah has taken on other club officer roles including Club President and V.P of Public Relations. Through these opportunities her leadership skills grew, as well as increased her decision-making confidence (her nature is to leave decision-making to others.)

Dinah says, “What are you waiting for? Join now and you will experience professional growth, increase your public-speaking confidence and engage in leadership opportunities!”

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February 2024

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