Central Division

Division Director

Natalie Thomas, DTM

About Natalie

Contact: Natalietoastmaster@gmail.com


  • Founder’s District North Division Director, 2023-2024
  • Founder’s District Area A-4 Director, 2022-2023

Member of:

  • Archispeak 
  • ART Advanced Royal Toastmasters
  • Cronulla Toastmasters Club
  • Metrocrest Toastmasters Club 
  • Spiritied Speakers Toastmasters Club
  • Woodbridge Toastmasters Club

I love being able to serve remotely from the UK. I recently finished a 3 year stint serving as President of 5 clubs in 4 different countries. I have recently completed my DTM award. Toastmasters has built my confidence and improved my leadership skills. I love going to church with my 8 year old daughter. I work for local government where I am doing my Public Health Degree Apprenticeship so whilst working full time I am also doing a full time degree.

Area C-1 Director

Carlos Millones, DTM

About Carlos

Contact: crlmillones4@hotmail.com


  • Founder’s District 2023-2024 Area Director

Member of:

  • Island Excellence
  • Smedley Chapter One
  • Structures College Peru

Toastmasters International is the only organization I belong to, 35+ years , all club positions filled, Service as a District Leader in the last 3 years. My personal and professional growth in Communications and Leadership is credited to TI. I am a DTM, I take pride in it. I wrote an article in the Toastmasters Magazine about the Rotary -Toastmasters Alliance(https://www.toastmasters.org/magazine/magazine-issues/2022/mar/rotary-and-toastmasters).

I work as an Executive Advisor. Love reading, speech writing, mechanics and lately creative design. Interested to get trained to serve more efficiently and effectively and for that Pathways and Training are excellent tools. Whatever you want in life , there is training available in Toastmasters in direct proportion as to your vision of personal and professional growth. Quotes? The Toastmasters Club is fundamentally an educational organization. You miss 100% of the shots you don`t take.

Area C-2 Director

Heidi Heron

About Heidi

Email: dr.heidiheron@gmail.com


  • Founder’s District Area C-2 Director, 2023-2024

Member of:

  • Sydney Speakers Toastmasters
  • The Market Place Toastmasters

With a love of speaking, Heidi joined Toastmasters in 2018 at her home club Sydney Speakers Toastmasters, based in Sydney, Australia. She loves mentoring, educating, exploring, learning, and assisting people to grow outside of their comfort zone. She is a two time runner up in the District 70 International Speech Contest, has assisted District 70 as the Sunday Seminar Chair and Club Coach Chair. In club she has held the roles of President, Treasurer and her favorite – VP of Education. She holds her doctorate in clinical psychology, is a Master Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and International Master Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming. Originally from Colorado, she has spent the majority of her life in Australia and now Zooms around Toastmaster online and hybrid meetings. When not helping people at work or in a club you can find her on a golf course somewhere where she will most likely be looking for her ball!

Area C-3 Director

Cynthia Zhuang

About Cynthia

Contact: clzhuang888@gmail.com


  • Founder’s District Area C-3 Director, 2023-2024
  • Founder’s District Area D-4 Director, 2021-2022

Member of:

  • Dungeons and Toast (D&T)
  • Hola Bilingual TM
  • SoCal English Mandarin Bilingual Toastmasters
  • TIC Talkers (Home Club)

Received “Spirit of Excellence” award in September 2021 as Area D-4 Director (my first time as AD). Currently working on achieving my DTM, PM5, EH4. I credit Toastmasters training for helping me improve my overall public speaking and general communication skills. Work in the legal field, but I’m not an attorney.

Fun fact about me is that I’m ambidextrous (for writing). Love to hike, go to theme parks, read (fiction and manga), watch crime TV shows/movies, K-dramas, C-dramas, anime, swim.

Area C-4 Director

Travis Last

About Travis