2024-2025 District Leadership Candidates

In accordance with Article VII, Section (b) of the District Administrative Bylaws, the District Leadership Committee, comprised of one representative from each Division.

Central Division – David Moore                                               

East Division – Linda Robinson     

South Division – Bob Gorby

West Division – Randy Kleinman                              

North Division – Victoria Noethling

The committee has nominated the following candidates for 2024 – 2025 District Officers, in order by office, and then alphabetically by last name if there is more than one candidate for an office. 

District Director

Program Quality Director

Club Growth Director

Division Director *

Per Protocol 9, the DLC was not able to nominate a candidate for East Division Director and North Division Director. The nomination for the office of East Division Director and North Division Director Director is considered invalid and all candidates must be nominated from the floor for these Divisions.

Respectfully submitted,

Julie Murphy, IPDD

District Leadership Committee Chair



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