Month: October 2015

  • 2015 Fall Business Meeting Consent Agenda

    In order for us to utilize our time more effectively at the Business Meeting on Saturday, November 7, we have put together some of the routine items discussed into a Consent Agenda. These routine items are packaged and accepted as a group. In this package are items that do not need any discussion or a…

  • Fall 2015 Proxy 11-2015

    At the Founder’s District Fall Conference Business meeting, each club president and vice president education is entitled to one vote each. However, if either or both officers cannot attend, they may designate, in writing only, any other active member of their club to act as  proxy or proxies for their club. fall_2015_proxy_11-2015.pdf

  • Action Items From DEC on October 22

    During the District Executive Council (DEC) meeting on October 22, delegates requested more information about the 2015-2016 Budget and District Store. Here is more information about the budget item on Travel. It covers expenses from the District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, and keynote speakers for 2 Conferences and 2 LACE events. Download…

  • Spirit of Excellence – John Angiolillo

    Spirit of Excellence – John Angiolillo

    At the District Executive meeting, on October 22, a special recognition was given to a member who works in the background to help all the “leaders” in Founder’s District. He remains incognito and stays hidden until needed and shows up online when necessary. For many years he has produced and published the directory that includes…

  • 10 Divisions

    Proposed 10 division alignment     Northern clubs only – proposed district 100 (4 Divisions) after possible split Southern clubs only – proposed Founders (6 Divisions) after possible split

  • Why do I still go to Toastmasters every week?

    Why do I still go to Toastmasters every week?

    My Icebreaker was on October 3, 1956 to Toastmasters Club 121 in Santa Monica where I had a job managing a few engineers working on heat transfer to missiles. When I would go to my simple staff meeting with a few other managers, my heart would pound every time before I had to make a…

  • Do you feel more inspired than three months ago?

    Do you feel more inspired than three months ago?

    Back in July, I shared with all of you that my vision for this year is to inspire more leaders, mentors, and coaches to step up to serve our members. Time flies. The first quarter of this year has pasted. The second quarter is under way. Do you feel more inspired than three months ago?…