Founder’s Photography Contest

Welcome to the Founder’s District Photo Contest! It’s time to have some fun with your camera and capture our fabulous members in the act of “elevating their potential!” Every member of Founder’s District is welcome to participate, no matter what your skill level or camera gear may be (cell phones are encouraged!). So get out there and start snapping!


  • Clubs and members of Founder’s District in good standing are eligible to participate.
  • All entries must be club members’ original photograph not posted publicly online.
  • All photos must have been taken between November 15, 2014 and March 15, 2015.
  • A maximum of four entries may be submitted per entrant.
  • Click to view full Contest Rules.


  1. Take a photo that best expresses the theme, “Elevate Your Potential.”
  2. Resize your photo to a JPEG no larger than 1MB in size.
  3. Name your file. (e.g. The Elevator Speech.jpg)
  4. Fill out a Photo Contest Entry and Release Form for each entry submitted.
  5. Email your photo and entry form to

Each participant is eligible to submit up to four entries by March 15, 2015.

Judging Criteria

The winning entry will be judges as the photo that best expresses the theme, “Elevate Your Potential.” A panel of judges consisting of professional photographers will choose the winner based on the following criteria:

  • Effective expression of the theme (40%)
  • Creativity (40%)
  • Technical execution (20%) – This criterion will not be weighted as heavily as the others, but at least be sure that your photos are in focus and reasonably well-exposed.


First place, second place, and third place winners will be announced. Check back soon for more details on prizes.


  • Recognition – every submission, whether judged to be a winner or not, will be publicly acknowledged by being displayed on the District website
  • Inclusiveness – there will be no photographs deemed unworthy of submission, provided they are in good taste and do not violate common standards of decency; neither the photographer’s interpretation of the subject, their equipment nor their technical ability will disallow them from participating in the contest
  • Passion – contestants will be encouraged to look for ways, through their photographs, to elevate the Toastmasters experience and the positive results of participation in the program
  • Fun! – contestants will be encouraged to look at the contest as an opportunity to have fun while learning a new skill, that of seeing opportunities to tell a story through a photograph