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    Founder's District Fall Conference

    This two day conference features keynote speaker, Patricia Fripp, breakout workshops, plus Evaluations and Humorous speech contests. 

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    Leadership and Communication Experience

    Twice a year, Founder's District conducts officer training for its members with a full day of leadership training and educational workshops.

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    Founder's District TV

    Jamel Thomas and Debbie Marie host our weekly video podcast with news and information within our district. 

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    District Reports

    Our goal each year is to be the highest ranking Toastmasters District in the world. Our reports tells us how we are doing during the year.

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    Photo Gallery

    Our best photographers in the District capture the special moments at our District events.


Big Takeaways At the 2014 Summer Marketing Workshop

Written by Daniel Cossack.

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Over 75 of the District's most ambitious members attended this sold-out event of the semi-annual Founder's District Marketing workshop to learn and explore all that the Toastmasters leadership program has to offer such as building new clubs, sponsoring clubs, mentoring, and coaching. 

Spring Conference Review

Written by Marie Hulett.

14139769925 599aa379af zWhat recent Founder's District Event combined eating birthday cake, extoling the virtues of procrastination, frolicking with a 160 pound wolf, staring at the Mona Lisa, and mingling with 214 Toastmasters members and guests (not necessarily in that order)? If you guessed our Spring Conference, then you would be absolutely correct!

On May 3, 2014, Toastmasters from all over Southern California gathered at the Beautiful La Mirada Holiday Inn to celebrate our district's 70th birthday and Toastmaster International's 90th birthday! Daniel Rex, CEO of TMI, kicked off the extravaganza with a riveting keynote address that showcased all the amazing milestones that have been reached throughout the decades. He wished that Founder Ralph Smedly -- who could only wistfully dream of someday having four-hundred clubs…an impossible number in his lifetime -- could see how we currently charter that very amount…EVERY SIX MONTHS! Wow!

Check out all of the conference photos here.

Discovering the Roots of the Founder’s District

Written by Paul F. Clark.

Paul ClarkThe Founder’s District began in a squabble. In 1944 the first Toastmasters district, District One (which still exists along the west side of Los Angeles) covered much of Southern California, a vast area. The need to divide this district to provide better club support came before the Toastmaster International Board. The problem was everyone wanted the “District One” name distinction.

Get Involved

Founder's District has many opportunities for members to get involved with District events and learn valuable leadship skills in the process. Check the volunteer listings for something that interests you.

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About Founder's District

Founder's District is the birthplace of Toastmasters. Founder's District serves 200+ Toastmasters clubs and more than 3500 members in Southern California

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We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

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We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

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