Earn a Distinguished Toastmaster Designation: Starting a New Toastmasters Club

Earning the prestigious Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM) designation is a significant achievement within the Toastmasters International program. It represents the highest level of accomplishment and leadership within the organization. One of the most impactful ways to reach this esteemed designation is by starting a new Toastmasters club.

Why Start a New Toastmasters Club?

Starting a new Toastmasters club is not only a fulfilling leadership endeavor but also a strategic move to advance your Toastmasters journey. Here’s why:

  1. Leadership Development: Founding a club allows you to develop and enhance your leadership skills, a key component of the DTM requirements.
  2. Public Speaking Mastery: As the club’s mentor, you’ll have ample opportunities to deliver speeches and practice your public speaking skills.
  3. Networking: You’ll connect with individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions, expanding your network and communication abilities.
  4. Help Others: By creating a new club, you’ll provide a platform for others to improve their communication and leadership skills.

To start a new club, you need to identify a company of organization with at least 50 people. It takes a minimum of 20 people to charter a new club.

  1. Once you have found the Invite potential club members to an initial meeting to gauge interest. Explain the benefits of Toastmasters and how it can help them professionally and personally Every new club needs a sponsor and a mentor. This is part of the DTM requirement. The sponsor helps with the administrative aspects, and the mentor provides guidance and support. The district club growth team is there to help with all of the necessary parts of building a new club. Once the companies or organizations are interested, then a time and location is determined. There are a series of launch meetings. Once completed, there should be at least 20 new member applications and you have just helped form a new club.

What is in it for you?

As you mentor and guide your new club, you’ll be accumulating valuable leadership and communication experience, which is crucial for earning your DTM designation. Here’s how starting a club can contribute to your DTM journey:

  1. Leadership Credits: Serving as a club mentor or sponsor earns you leadership credits, which are essential for the DTM designation.
  2. Public Speaking Opportunities: You’ll have ample opportunities to deliver speeches and receive feedback, further honing your public speaking skills.
  3. Networking and Collaboration: Building a club requires teamwork and collaboration, helping you develop your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Only 1 percent of people within Toastmasters earns a Distinguished Toastmaster Designation. You have completed two Paths in the education program. Now it is time to take your Toastmasters journey to the next level and become a Distinguished Toastmaster. For further help, ask your clubs area directors and division directors, as well as the club growth team for help.