Distinguished Area Program

Distinguished Area Program

The Distinguished Area Program recognizes those areas which plan, set goals, and achieve success. It maximizes leadership opportunities in your area while providing the tools you need to be a successful area leader.  Goals for each area are established annually based on the number of clubs assigned to the particular area.

Distinguished Area

To become a Distinguished Area, four of the five following goals must be achieved.

  • 75 percent of October dues renewals submitted on time.
  • 75 percent of April dues renewals submitted on time.
  • Average of 1.75 CCs awarded per club by June 30.
  • Average of 1 AC for every two clubs by June 30.
  • 60 percent of area clubs achieve Distinguished Club.
Select Distinguished Area

To become a Select Distinguished Area, an area must achieve all five goals listed under Distinguished Area and all of the following three goals:

  • Submission of 80 percent of Area Report of Club Visit forms, first round.
  • Submission of 80 percent of Area Report of Club Visit forms, second round.
  • 60 percent of area clubs at 20-plus membership by June 30.
President's Distinguished Area

To become a President's Distinguished Area, an area must achieve all eight goals required for Select Distinguished Area and the following goal:

  • Net growth of one club.


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