Month: September 2013

  • Test

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  • TEDx Teams-Up with Toastmasters

    TEDx Teams-Up with Toastmasters

    TEDx YBC members believe in the possibility to change the world one positive word, gesture, or action at a time. Carpe diem! More than ten seasoned Toastmasters, led by Jack Nichols, have been selected to coach these young innovative thinkers in the new TED presentation style. “That’s great,” I hear you say, “but what’s TED,…

  • Speech Contest Forms

    Speech Contest Forms

    Catalog # Form Name 1170 Judge’s Certificate of Eligibility 1171 Speech Contest Rule Book 2018-2019 1172 International Speech Contest Judge’s Guide and Ballot 1188 International Speech Contest Tiebreaking Judge’s Guide and Ballot 1179 Evaluation Contest Judge’s Guide and Ballot 1179A Evaluation Contest Tiebreaking Judge’s Guide and Ballot 1177 Evaluation Contestant Notes 1191 Humorous Speech Contest…

  • Holiday Inn Hotel La Mirada

    The Holiday Inn La Mirada offers room rate at $99 + tax, including breakfast buffet for two. To book a room at Holiday Inn La Mirada, click here. {youtube}L4qeArZrYfA{/youtube} Address: 14299 Firestone Blvd, La Mirada, CA 90638 Phone:(714) 739-8500 View Larger Map

  • Gwen Earle Awarded 2012-2013 Area Governor of the Year

    At the recent District Executive Council Meeting, Gwen Earle, ACB, ALS was presented with the illustrious 2012-2013 Area Governor of the Year award. Within the Founder’s District, Toastmasters truly know how deserving of this award Gwen is and congratulate her on this tremendous success. The effort, energy, and leadership that Gwen has demonstrated throughout the…

  • Happy Birthday, Jack

    The Founder’s District Speakers Bureau celebrates Jack Nichol’s 70th birthday. Shana Carr sings the “Star Spangled Banner”.

  • Varma Honored for Funny and Serious Sides

    Funny-man and sometimes serious-guy Michael Varma, DTM, was honored by Toastmasters at the recent Founder’s District Executive Council ceremony: “Best Male Actor in a Comedy” for his appearance in a video promoting the communication organization’s Humorous Speech Contest, and the more serious 2013 Toastmasters Distinguished Service Award, for his contributions to the international non-profit that…

  • Post Convention Interview with Mun Ng

    Now that the International Convention is over, we sit down with our District finalist, Mun Ng, to talk about his experience as a semi-finalist, what it took to get there, and what’s next.

  • Students Seek Justice

    Students Seek Justice

    Professor Walter Clark and more than a dozen of his student from West Wood College descended upon the BergenMeisters Toastmasters club on Thursday, August 22, during their lunchtime meeting to take their first steps in making a positive impact and rewarding career in the field of criminal justice. In addition to giving a well-planned presentation,…

  • The Founder, Vol 51 Issue 1

    Division spotlight – Linda Brown, Ryan Matsunaga, Jack Schmidt, Norm and Frannie Stein. The Founder/Founders NL September 2013.pdf