Speaker’s Bureau

The Speakers Bureau serves as a forum for developing, emerging and experienced speakers seeking to take their message beyond the club.

We meet monthly in Orange County as speakers hone their message and refine their material… taking the speaker from ‘club-level performance’ to ‘ready for prime time.’

We feature Qualified Speakers that have proven their message worthy of paid engagements.

If you’re a speaker seeking to improve your presentation, we encourage you to schedule a presentation – we promise to help you improve your presentation, so that you can get paid to speak.

If you’re seeking a local speaker for your organization, we feature some of best speakers in southern California. Each speaker has a unique message and has been vetted by FDSB to ensure that your audience experiences a high-quality, professional presentation.

If you’re seeking to network with other aspirational speakers, join us for compelling presentations and fun feedback sessions… and get connected to other speakers that aspire to be paid speakers.

If you’re a Toastmasters member, be sure to mention FDSB at your next club meeting… as we don’t want your fellow members to miss out on all the fun.

Toastmasters… where leaders are made.

FDSB… where professional speakers are made.
Founder’s District Speakers Bureau (FDSB) is a part of Toastmasters International’s Founder’s District in Orange County, CA.

Learn more at www.FDSpeakersBureau.com