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    District Conference

    International Speech and Table Topics Contests.
    Join us and celebrate our 70th Anniversary with
    Keynote speaker, Dan Rex.

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    Founder's District TV

    Jamel Thomas and Debbie Marie host our weekly video podcast with news and information within our district. 

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    Leadership and Communication Experience

    Twice a year, Founder's District conducts officer training for its members with a full day of leadership training and educational workshops.

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    District Reports

    Our goal each year is to be the highest ranking Toastmasters District in the world. Our reports tells us how we are doing during the year.

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    Photo Gallery

    Our best photographers in the District capture the special moments at our District events.


Happy Birthday Founder's District

Written by Frannie Stein.

Our 70 Year Pipeline to Toastmasters International

Founder's District is the "funnel," that has been bringing the benefits and value of Toastmasters to all of us in Southern California, since 1944.

Founders District's 70th Birthday/Anniversary is cause to celebrate. For 3,500 of us members, we are proud to be part of Founder's District, whose birthplace in Santa Ana, California, is also the 1924 birthplace of Toastmasters International.

Founder's District is the indispensible conduit between Toastmasters International's World Wide Headquarters and its Orange County/Los Angeles members. For 70 years, Founder's elected officers have guided and energized our progress through its Division Governors, who support our Area Governors, who in turn support the clubs by helping club officers meet the needs of each individual member. Success rests in the hands of the above mentioned stalwart members, who are willing to step beyond club level, to help Founders District's top four elected officers uphold the integrity of Toastmasters Educational Program in Speaking and Leadership

There are countless fellow Toastmasters to appreciate, congratulate, and celebrate—who have given their time and talent serving us in Founder's District leadership. Perhaps one of them is you!

In addition to celebrating 70 years of volunteers who have guided and guarded the quality of our experience in Toastmasters, there are "hands- on" skill development, professional growth opportunities for any member who steps into District work.

Founder's District provides its 3,500 members with practical resume experience in management, with the opportunity to lead in governance positions , to create and collaborate in chairmanship positions, to work in District Television production(performance and/or technical), to organize and produce special events, to assemble project management components, to train and instruct, to oversee budgets and set funding strategies, to build teams, to mentor and coach, to judge speeches within Toastmasters and in community service organizations outside of TM, to grow as a writer/photo journalist in Public Relations, and to learn the art of "marketing and selling" by working with Human Resource Heads in corporate Club Development.

Involvement in any of the hundreds of District activities translates into generalizable and transferrable practical job experience.

Yes! There is much about Founder's District to celebrate! The moment we to step out of our Toastmasters club and step into Founder's District teamwork, we have opened our world to professional and personal skill development for every part of our life.

There's a lot to celebrate! Founder's District, 1944 to 2014: Seventy years of Bringing the Toastmaster Speaking and Leadership Skills Program to Southern California.

Founders District Photo and Video Documentarians, Richard and Linda Doherty, have captured and preserved for posterity thousands of the scenes and moments in Founder's recent History. Perhaps you will find photos of yourself and Toastmaster friends by going to the Founder's District Photo Gallery. Here's to you, Founder's District!

2014-2015 Founder's District Elected Officer Nominations

Written by Victoria Dotson.

As the nominations process for the 2014 ‐ 2015 Toastmasters year comes to a close, I wish to thank those that served on the nominations committee with me. This is not an easy process, as we have to vet out the best candidates for the officer positions, and I appreciate all of the time and effort each of the committee members have put into these decisions.

I would also like to thank each of the nominee candidates. By submitting your name (or having someone submit it for you), you have shown that you are able and willing to step up, serve the members, the District and to take advantage of a fantastic learning opportunity.

It gives me great pleasure to announce the 2014 ‐ 2015 Founder's District Elected Committee nominees:

2014 Winter LACE Recap

Written by Linda Ulrich.

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LACE occurs four times each year - twice in June and twice in January. But if you did not attend LACE THIS January, you missed an opportunity of a lifetime!

Get Involved

Founder's District has many opportunities for members to get involved with District events and learn valuable leadship skills in the process. Check the volunteer listings for something that interests you.

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